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Company Profile

DLP India was established in Jan’2011 under the Companies Act, 1956, in the Indian capital city of New Delhi. It contributes significantly towards online education. It serves as a platform for e learning opportunities with respect to wide range of long term degree and diploma courses as well as numerous short term certifications to impart skill & training.

DLP India partners with Government & Private universities, Academic Institutions and companies as well as with professors with an aim to provide feasible and conducive environment for online learning across the globe.

DLP India’s CEO was first to partner for MITSDE, Pune in 2007 to sell their Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma courses. It also has exclusive arrangements of selling with some of its esteemed partners.

DLP India works with many reputed affiliate partners which are one of the pioneered groups in the country such as Shine.com, Head Honchos, MyCareer360, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many others.

Thus DLP India deals in University programs and certifications which will definitely lead to strengthened professional advancement.

DLP India’s Distance education and online learning portal www.distancelearning.edu.in is the culmination of years of planning, studying, strategy and feedback from the ever growing distance learning community to providing higher skill educational material online that is comparable in quality and recognition to any conventional course provided on campus.

The other portal www.rapidskillz.com lists many skill development courses relevant to the current market needs from top universities & institutes worldwide for students and professionals to learn with more than 2500 topics and subjects, are best suited for working professionals and students alike to upgrade to higher skill. These skill development programs are developed by the world’s top educationalists taking into account the latest developments in the current corporate and global scenario with special emphasis on easy learning, practical and relevant courseware and effective communication with professors and interesting learning methodology with audio/ video lectures and creation of virtual scenarios with the help of 2D characters so as to make the learning process more effective and realistic and thus have made these programs a hot favorite with their online student and professional community.