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12th March 2015: Message from our CEO after being shortlisted in top 30 Entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your support!
I was not able to resist to share a pleasant moment that I recently got shortlisted for Ernst & Young Accelerating Entrepreneurs Program 2015.
It was quite a tough competition as 500+ entrepreneurs applied for this across the globe and finally 6 got selected. I am not able to make my chance in those 6 but I am happy that I reached at the level of 30 shortlisted entrepreneurs. Firstly they shortlisted 200, then 30 and finally 6.
Accelerating Entrepreneurs is part of EYs commitment to helping high-potential entrepreneurs around the world scale up their business through one-to-one guidance, networking and insight sharing. The program is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps on their growth journey towards becoming the global market leaders of tomorrow.

Below is the reply from EY's Selection team:
"Thank you once again for applying for our Accelerating Entrepreneurs
program! It was a tough selection process with very strong competition from the nearly 500 applications received. An independent selection panel comprised of award winning entrepreneurs reviewed your application. It was a rigorous process and this was the highest quality of candidates weve ever seen. Unfortunately we must inform you that you will not be joining us in Monte Carlo this year as one of the six finalists.

However we welcome you to our network of Alumni. You don't have to be there in person to take advantage of all the content that our World
Entrepreneur Of the Year Forum has to offer".

Reference Link:
Ernst & Young Website Reference

My experience: It was a nice journey through out the process as I was not expecting the same results but my wish multiplied when I made it in first 200 shortlisted entrepreneurs and then 30 shortlisted candidates. There is always a next time.
I am very sure that it would be a great learning experience to be in their network of Alumni and hope to get connected to world leaders.

Thanks for support to all.

Perminder Singh Malik
CEO & Founder
DLP India Edutech Private Limited

Connect with me on Linkedin: Perminder Singh Malik