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20 April 2015: DLP India unifies with Saksham HR to promote their Training Programs!

DLP India has recently joined hands with Saksham HR, one of the most popular trainers in the corporate world. This group targets to work with organisations to help them discover the employee's hidden capabilities and create the new specialised capabilities through time-tested HR initiatives and solutions. 

Team at Saksham HR aims to build the four generic pillars of successful organisation i.e. superior efficiency, superior quality, superior customer responsiveness and superior innovation.

Through this collaborated effort DLP India has added 36 new courses to their portal of Rapidskillz.com. The core areas covered are Effective HR workshops, Performance Development Workshops and Personal Development Workshops.

These online training programs are equipped with content in PDF and Powerpoint format with sufficient activities.
Besides the core benefits of online learning, these courses aim to enhance the skills and the hidden talent of the professionals as well as the upcoming learners so that they can excel in their career by giving best of their potential.