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DLP India Services includes:

For Universities/Institutions & Professors :


Many universities, institutions & professors are having good online courses but they don’t have online medium to promote their courses due to which the knowledge they wish to deliver towards professional growth of an individual or corporates hits a roadblock. To overcome this issue DLP India approaches to various partners and professors and guide them the way to promote their courses not only with owned portals also by various affiliate partner portals which are one of the best in the industry. If someone with to promote please click on the “Partner with us” tab and fill the information required and we will approach you.

Student Acquisition

In today’s scenario it is a fact that maximum costs of a University or Institution comes towards acquiring students and that is because they don’t have expertise in marketing but in Academics part. DLP India has expertise in marketing and enrolling students for various online courses which are offered by various universities, institutions and professors. The difference between Advertisement and this service is the upfront cost. In Advertisement model the institution has to give upfront cost for advertisement and a minimum percentage in revenue but in this only revenues are shared but percentage is more.

For Students:

Get Ahead in Life

Whether you are a working professional or a student, and are aiming to upgrade your qualification as well as knowledge, then the educational & skill development programs at DLP India will meet all your requirements. It's a big opportunity for those who would prefer to continue their jobs as well as want to get a degree. Get quality education within the comfort of your home, without giving a break to your career. At DLP we provide the best services to our patrons and give the best possible services. Some of our services are highlighted below

One to one  counseling

Before joining any courses with DLP, the students can have direct interaction with our counselors. They can visit our office or chat or call, as per their convenience. We like to offer genuine advice and guidance to our students who are looking at Distance Education courses in any field, even before they have enrolled. 

Instant online support

Students emailing us get a reply within 48 hrs along with the details of the course enquired along with the application form and procedure to enroll. We truly understand the value of time and money for the students.

Career Guidance

Sometimes, we get inquiries from students who are confused about their careers. We at Distance learning India are happy to counsel the students with the help of our professional team. Our experts help them to choose the right course, thus ensuring his right growth towards future.

Students enrolled with DLP India have the additional advantage of getting regular updates about new courses, events and current openings in the corporate sector.  This helps our students to prepare for greater Achievements and to remain ahead in the industry.

We strongly believe that the success of any academic institution lies in the quality of its faculty. DLP India takes pride in having some of the most talented and dedicated faculty at its service. Not only are they best academically and professionally, but also have high moral and ethical values. So they are in fact true role models for the students.

Online examination

We realize that majority of students are still apprehensive about online examination due to their lack of computer knowledge. We help them in learning the use of computers in online studies and make them feel confident about taking online examinations as that is more convenient and saves time.

Personalized attention

The unique concept of DLP India ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students through online learning platform or email for addressing their academic and personal concerns. Just enroll and experience our programs to see an enhancement in your skills and confidence.