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FRANK OWUSIBO DAN-JUMBO, Manager, OTS Nigeria BSC Hardware and Networking
DLP India is the best company which has guided me and I have enrolled with them and all their processes are very simple and genuine, staff is well trained and they respond to every problems AS FAST AS POSSIBLE without delay.


Deepak Joshi, New Delhi PGD In Project Management, EMBA Business Management
It was the best option which I have opted and realised during the course. I did 4 courses with the support of DLP staff from different Universities. They have very good options which can be offered to any kind of student or professional..


Vikram Pal Singh, Bajaj Allianz Delhi Risk Management Team, Moti Nagar R.O.
One of the most persistent concerns I hear from parents is that itbs harder than ever for their children to get into selective colleges and go for higher studies. While a vast search I came to DLP and understand the standards and landmarks about the higher education system. This is the turning point in my life where I got proper counselling about my future. Then DLP team suggested me the right course for my future.


UNICEF-NIGER, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
My experience: My goal was to continue my training in IT, particularly in English. When I found this program at DLP, I knew it was the right choice. Thanks to DLP team. .


Miss.Abou Hagar, Saudi Arabia English Teacher
"I am very glad to apply at DLP. It is a very good experience. The books are very interesting. I learned how to make poems and in addition, I got a good knowledge about evaluating literary works before publishing. It helps me much to edit and evaluate my book that I am looking forward to publish it.