7 New Age career Options

Technology has brought in a new revolution altogether in the minds of the people, and it would not be an overstatement to say that it has also helped people emerge in this growing competitive world. There has been a sudden gust in the employment industry with new set of job opportunities they offer. During times where people had limited Job options, this era sure promises a great and bright future for the present generation. And what entices them the most is the kind of salary that these technologies offer in the corporate world.

Having said that, choosing the best career options is definitely a tedious task, and so to make your work a little manageable, I am putting forth some great career options which are in a boom right now.

  1. Cloud computing: Simply put, any service we use online for sending emails, listening to music, storing pictures or files etc., cloud computing is helping us in the background . It is a boon to the big IT companies as it helps store, manage and protect huge data and files which otherwise cannot be stored in hard disks or other storage devices.

For an individual to pursue a career in this field, they can simply earn cloud computing certification with basic            knowledge of computer or internet.

  1. Data Analytics: Basically, Data Analysts take care of the statistical analysis of the data like collecting data, processing and finally performing an analysis on the collected data. This is again a fast trending career option in the employment industry. The skills necessary to pursue a career in the same is problem solving skill, understanding the business, knowledge on statistics and applied maths, and last but not the least, verbal and written communication skill. So to start a career in this, one has to take a course in statistics and research.
  2. Digital Marketing: With the world getting digitized at every facet in life, digital marketing is a roaring topic these days. It’s a vast topic with various areas included in it, like social media, search engine optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, content writing, designing etc. So one has to indentify which areas of field they are interested in and then specialize in the same to prove that you are a virtuoso.
  3. Mobile Application designer/ developer: Right from basic usage to paying your bills, online shopping and banking transactions everything is done through mobile these days and this is possible only with the help of the apps that is developed by the experts to make our life easier. With the mobile industry reaching at its peak, the Mobile app developers plays a pivotal role in the success of the same. There are lot of training programs for people looking for a career in this field.
  4. PMP: Project management is again a career which is at its peak today, right from start-ups to already established companies, require projects to run the business and to run a project, project managers are the backbone. Project management is a stepping stone to a great career start; and so, PMP is a program which will help you reach your goal. This program helps in understanding the depth of the subject both theoretically and practically.
  5. Six-Sigma: To put in simple words, six -sigma  is the quality of the work which leads the business to a different level altogether. It’s a more disciplined and result driven approach to eliminate the defects and strive for near perfection in every process and across domain. The usage of the six sigma methodology helps in different aspects in the business. Anyone can apply for a six sigma certification program and based on which their roles and duties are ascertained.
  6. ITIL: For people working in the IT sector, ITIL is a standard framework, which helps in managing IT services with the business needs.  It is a vast subject and there are different levels to it. To pursue a career in ITIL, one has complete four levels of ITIL certification which is ITIL foundation, Intermediate, Expert and master level.

Once you understand the basics, it becomes a cake walk for you to decide, which career to opt. All in all, these              new age career options are a stepping stone in today’s’ modern business.


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