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Content writing: the new age Career

Content is the backbone of any website, blog or article. The viewers stay glued because of the quality of the content. SEO and content marketing cohere. Once you write the content, it has to have a purpose, you can’t just write it and leave your readers confused. Here, content strategy take place, it gives your content a purpose and an identity. This in turn, creates a brand for your content which helps in SEO.

The other day, I was reading an article/blog somewhere and the content was so poor grammatically that I can’t stay at the site for another minute. So it’s as simple as that without proper content, a site looks incomplete and out of place. Having said that, these days people try their hands on different things, content writing is another promising career option. While some people just write because that interests them, some try it as a career option. However, the pay may not be very high initially, but experience and quality counts and in no time, you could get a good offer in reputed organizations. SO let’s point out the requisitions to plunge into a career in the said field:

  1. A Certification program: technical or content writing is complete when you have a proper certification to showcase to the employers. The reason why certification is an added advantage for people looking for technical writing career is, writing has different styles, like news writers write in a different style, web content writing requires different style and language, blogging is more casual writing. So one need to understand this first. So training programs, helps in different writing styles and also the kind of language to be used respectively.
  2. Language: The most important skill required is language. One has to have flair in the English language both written as well as oral. Only when you have a good command over English, you would be able to deliver quality content.
  3. No Plagiarism: The thumb rule of content writing is No plagiarism. Content has to be original and fresh. While writing, the words or one or two sentences might match here and there, but the voice of the content should be unique and crisp.
  4. Basic knowledge of apps or technologies: For blog writers, the rule might be a little different, but when we are talking about technical writer, the person has to have basic knowledge of the technologies like HTML, CSS, SEO etc. and knowledge of wordpress, Tumbler. Social media is also important in promoting your content and reaching the right audience.

This is a career which anyone can pursue irrespective of their skills, but one has to have the conviction to write and voice their opinion through blogs, articles and other medium of writings. All in all, this indeed is a new age career option one can easily pursue.

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