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There is no one thing that alone proves to be sufficient when it comes to getting ahead in your career. Career advancement requires a combination of skills along with a strategy that is well-planned and drafted.

It’s a common behavior to try and learn complex things thinking that this will ultimately lead you onto the path of career advancement. If you’re one such individual seriously looking at making some advancement in your career and feel that you’ve tried almost everything, it might help you to get back to basics.

Talking about basics, one of the most simple yet most overlooked aspects of career advancement is the way you project yourself using the subtle art of body language. Mostly, people tend to underestimate the power of body language on a daily basis and take it seriously only at the time of interviews. The truth, however, is that it speaks volume about you on everyday basics and can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Given below are different ways that can help you considerably improve your body language and as a result, help you make advancement in your career:

1. Strong Posture

In order to project confidence and power, one thing that works amazingly well is the correct projection of your height. By maintaining a strong posture at your workplace- straightened back, lifted chin and head held high; you tend to reflect confidence and pride in yourself. This, in turn, implies that you believe in yourself and your abilities.

2. Eye Contact

When you are able to confidently look into the eyes of a person with whom you are talking, that is, maintain a proper eye contact- you tend to send out a positive social signal. It suggests that you are comfortable talking to that person and you know exactly what you are talking about. Most importantly, it signals out that you are not lying that is generally not the case when there is a failure in maintaining a proper eye contact.

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3. Optimum Pitch

The ability to reach to the levels of your optimum pitch is an important part of your overall projection. In case you are not confident about your pitch, it might help you to go through a few voice exercises before an important meeting or session. Bottom line, whatever you do or say should represent a confident, stronger and happier you!

4. Smile

Most of you would agree that a smile is one of the most powerful weapons you possess as a human being. By smiling at everyone and even during nerve-wracking situations, you tend to communicate your happiness and put yourself in a positive frame of mind. Because simile is infectious, it makes you more likable. Moreover, people around you start finding you as a trustworthy person and someone on whom they can depend easily. Having said that, you can’t be very liberal in using your smile either as it may also be harmful if others start finding it irritating.

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5. Control your facial expressions

Many times, it happens that you yourself are not aware of the facial expressions that you tend to pull in different situations. This, however, has a potential to affect your career negatively as facial expressions are taken care of very seriously in the workplace. This is because they tend to speak a lot and can very well be used to manipulate or influence others in both positive and negative manner. It is, therefore, important to practice a technique that portrays you as an individual with a very balanced personality.

6. Pay full attention

There might be too much of workload on you or it could be that you’re amazing good at multitasking but one thing you can’t afford to do is not pay complete attention to someone who is talking to you. Whatever the reason might be, this action of yours will be considered disrespectful and people might just hate you for doing it. Even if you don’t want to, you have to give people their full attention. By doing so, you’ll not be doing them any favor but giving yourself a chance of winning over others and leaving behind a positive impression for a lifetime. You never know when it might pay you in future.

Finally, your body language tends to communicate a lot more than you may imagine and this can have a major impact on how you are perceived by people around you, thereby, making all the difference in your career graph.


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