Career Stagnation

Do you feel stuck in your career job role and find yourself wishing for something that could help you navigate away from your current role all the time? And, do you feel haunted by the thought of pursuing your passion in life all the time?

The reason you are stuck in the same role in your career could be the annual bonus or salary aspect of the job. Whatever the reason, since now you have realized that you feel struck; it’s time to make a change.

The sooner you identify that your career is stagnating, the better it is for your future. Given below are telltale signs of your career getting officially stagnant:

1. There is no more learning

Have you stopped learning anything new in whatever you are doing? If yes, it should ring the alarm. When you feel that you know everything there is to know about your work and still, there is no growth opportunity for you, it is a direct indicator of things getting boring and dull at the workplace. In order to continue enjoying what you’re doing for your livelihood, it is important that you get opportunities and tasks to use your brains in a manner that you have not done before. This will keep the spark alive and you will stay enthusiastic in your work and life.

2. Your revenue still remains the same

Certainly, you should not be much concerned about the revenue you are generating when you’re actually doing something you are really passionate about. The bitter truth, however, is that the growth in your earnings is a direct indicator of how far you have come in your professional life. Having said that, if you happen to be earning almost the same money (without any significant increase) you started on, it clearly reflects that you have stayed in the same role for a long time now. In such a case, there is a lot to learn and change if you really wish to progress in your career.

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3. Do you feel overqualified for the job?

Is it that your current job role doesn’t allow you to make the efficient use of the skills that you possess? It could be that you are overqualified for your job and this thing is not letting you use your skills properly. This can obviously make you feel frustrated and you may even start hating your job. It is, however, important to assess your current situation in a rational manner. That is, whether the actual reason is your dead-end job or it is simply because you don’t enjoy what you are doing.

4. There is a lack of motivation

Do you get up in the morning all excited to head to your workplace full of energy and enthusiasm? Do you love your job to an extent that you don’t mind staying in your office for a little extra time if the work demands you to?


If that’s the case and if you have to literally drag yourself to your work every morning, what you must know is that there is some sort of problem with the kind of work you’re doing. Therefore, there is a need to identify what it is that is making you feel demotivated. If there is no drive to give an excellent shot at the workplace, there is no chance for you to practically grow in your career.

5. Your performance review remains the same

Is your performance simply ‘adequate’ for your hiring manager to not expel you from your existing role?

In case your performance review has been same over the last couple of years, this implies that the reason you are working is simply to meet expectations and not because you are passionate about your work. This is because if you really enjoy your work, just being ‘okay’ would not have been acceptable to you all this while. Because this has not been the case with you, it’s time to find answers and set goals to achieve more in your career.

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Some Final Words

If things written above point towards a direction where you find your career has stalled, it becomes vital for you to identify the reasons for the same and look for ways that can help you fix the problem.

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