DLP India Collaborates with Abhyuday, the Social Body of IIT Bombay

Continuing its tradition of making high-quality education accessible to a vast population of the student community and collaborating with the best of educational institutions, DLP India has achieved yet another milestone in the field of online education and distance learning. DLP India has recently collaborated with Abhyuday as its education partner as well as the sponsor.

Abhyuday happens to be the social body of one of the premier institutes of the country- IIT Bombay. Started 5 years back, Abhyuday has successfully established itself as one of the largest social bodies run by students in the country. The primary objective of this body is to provide unique and amazing opportunities to the students who are socially active and are interested in working for a better and transformed society. Having joined hands with Abhyuday, DLP India becomes an inseparable part of the IIT Bombay’s mission to work towards a better society.

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Abhyuday is known for its College Representative Program (CR) which happens to be a student leader program. Under this program, socially active students are selected throughout India and they are offered guidance with an objective of leading them towards a social change.

According to Abhyuday, IIT Bombay, there is a need to have CR program so as to bring out the leaders from inside the today’s youth. This program brings forth the leaders by selecting students across India, who are strong and capable enough of leading their generation. They are further trained and guided so that they may work for the welfare of society and are driven to contribute for the society in a positive manner.

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As a part of the collaboration between Abhyuday and DLP India, top 15 CR’s of Abhyuday will be given a free access to online courses or industrial resources that are offered by DLP India and are worth two lakh rupees. DLP India is proud to have become Abhyuday’s exclusive education partner for CR program 2018-2019. This initiative taken by DLP India and Abhyuday, IIT Bombay is going to solve the dual purpose- bolster the system of online learning and distance education in our country and transform our society to make it a better place for our citizens to live.

DLP India is committed to achieving a level of excellence in the field of distance education and online learning and looks forward to many such new beginnings.

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