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In today’s digital world, it has become pertinent for everyone to stay updated on the latest and innovative tools that are being launched in the industry. And when we talk of career and learning specific industries, it becomes even more crucial to stay current on tools.

Consider this:

If the learning providers themselves are not attuned to the latest developments in their sector, how can they convince students to opt for their courses or services in order to equip themselves with the latest skills?

Thumb rule, the head honchos in the career and learning industry have to make use of the latest and trending tools to stay ahead of the competition. Having read that if it makes you interested to know about the latest tools in the industry, you may check the list given below:

1. Automation

The future of learning lies in automated course authoring tools and the reason is lower time and costs associated with their development. Automated tools also help the course instructors to analyze and determine the learning patterns of students, thereby, enabling them to draft strategies that better suit the demands and needs of students.

2. The use of Cloud

Because the cloud offers secure use with no cyber theft concerns, its use has become vital for organizations offering any sort of learning services. This is because the use of Cloud services like Google G Suite and Amazon AWS makes it possible for organizations to offer unprecedented access to learning resources.

3. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs have been around for a while now. But, the organizations related to career and learning have only recently started realizing the significance of these courses in promoting both teams as well as business growth. As a result, businesses in large numbers are now considering partnerships with top universities so as to be able to offer reputed and certified open courses.

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4. Analytics

Analytics allows businesses of all types to gain invaluable and interesting insights about their products, services, consumers and every other activity associated with their work. By making an effective use of data that gets derived from these insights, it becomes easier for organizations to customize every aspect of their business and as a result, enhance user satisfaction and experience.

5. Online Videos

Videos are one of the most powerful mediums of learning- they are not only engaging but also making the learning fun. The same reason indeed makes YouTube the second most popular search engine. In order to leverage the power of this extensively used search engine, businesses across the world are adopting the technology of online videos. Having known that, you would not want to be left behind in the use of technology that decides the future of your business in more than one way.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. By making connections between apps like Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and more; it triggers an action whenever something happens. The learning and career-related organizations can put IFTTT to use in several ways. They may use this tool to keep learners abreast of latest happenings or events. Or, they may use this tool to enhance their networking efforts. Even more, they may use it to track what learners enjoy reading the most. Also, the organizations may offer the use of this tool to their learners so as to make it convenient and automatic for them to add the content they read to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

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7. Articulate Storyline

An Articulate Storyline is an amazing tool for creating interactive content. The use of this tool allows easy import of existing presentations and creation of more engaging content by adding features like triggers, variables, and layers. Thus, the use of this tool makes it possible for businesses to have engaged learners with high rates of absorbed information.

8. Gamification

The results of a survey revealed that approximately 75 percent of the workforce happens to be of casual gamers, thereby, making gamification an essential tool for learning and career development in today’s digital world. It is because various components in games are found to connect teams with growth programs.



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