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DLP India to offer Quality Management Certifications with Asian Institute of Quality Management (AIQM)

In its endeavour towards making students more job-ready & profiting more Companies DLP India & Asian Institute of Quality Management (AIQM) on Monday announced the widening of their partnership, promising to give best Training in Quality Management.

DLP India & AIQM had come out in August this year with an ambition of providing Six Sigma Training for the development & growth of companies. As accreditation from ASCB (Europe)-UK, AIQM is providing Six Sigma Training from last 20 years which is being implemented by the organizations to identify such losses and offer solutions that can make organizational processes a lot more effective and efficient. Six Sigma is one of the most effective and result-driven methods of achieving savings by eliminating defects in products, processes and services. Developed by Motorola in the 1980’s using the fundamentals of quality management, this management approach gained a lot of popularity and recognition after its adoption by General Electric (GE) in the early 1990’s. Companies all over the world are widely adopting Six Sigma as it helps them in improving their profitability by reducing defects and wastage.

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“This collaboration will develop excellent Quality Management & Process Improvement skills in students and professionals which will groom their individuality and helps them to face the competitive world.” Mr. Singh quoted who is Founder Director of DLP India.

The idea of Mr. G.K.K Singh, Director AIQM behind this widening is to provide opportunities for management professionals and students to develop skills through knowledge– enhancement, education, certification which will take great strides in their professional development.

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