Do you dream of doing something big in your career?

Are you bored with your existing job and feel that there is a lot more you can accomplish in your professional journey?

Well, that’s amazing. But if like many others you think that the only way this can happe n is by making an exit from the company you are currently working at and coming up with your start-up, you need to get your facts right. What you must know is that the way to position yourself for advancement in your career is to become an Intrapreneur by thinking innovatively. And the way is to put your power of creative problem-solving into action whenever you are faced with challenges in the workplace.

Becoming an Intrapreneur doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with climbing the ladder of professional success all the time. It can even come to rescue when you are bored with your work. Thinking about unusual things and coming up with unique ideas is always a rewarding and interesting thing to do. It even has a potential to make you feel interested in your work all over again. You get a chance to play with your creativity and work on something new every day.

Now, if you’re convinced with the idea of becoming an intrapreneur, your next question might just be as to how to become one. If that happens to be the case, you’re likely to find your answers in the points given below:

1. Learn to be brave

In order to be an intrapreneur, you must be willing to fail, learn from your mistakes and start all over again. This might sound easy but it can be really hard to put this into practice. By, however, accepting that not every idea becomes the next major thing, you tend to make things relatively easier for you. The right thing to do is to never stop thinking and never have any fear of the consequences.

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2. No more excuses

This is one of the first few things that need to be done in case you are serious about becoming an intrapreneur. Because it requires effort to come up with different ideas, it doesn’t mean you can have an easy way out by giving all those reasons- your organizational culture is different or your boss doesn’t encourage any such idea. You need to stop right there. Even if you are posed with certain challenges, it doesn’t mean you can allow them to shun your creativity. It is only when you’re driven by faith and belief in your abilities, you create opportunities for yourself.

3. Gain an understanding of your environment

In order to build your value as an intrapreneur, you need to begin by understanding your company and the environment in which you thrive. This includes gaining insights on the challenges that are being faced by your organization and then move on to find things that need fixing. Understanding the unique pain points of your company, finding out-of-the-box solutions to the persistent problems and gaining internal support are a few things you need to accomplish to become a successful intrapreneur.

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The whole thing is very much similar to thinking like a boss. Understanding the needs of a company, determining the future goals and meeting short-term objectives- you need to think exactly the way your boss would do while holding the team together.

4. Focus on human-focussed leadership

If you are one of those who believe in fostering traditional “command and control” leadership style, it’s time to know that this style of yours prevents a collaborative and relationship-building environment. Such an environment never ever encourages intrapreneurs to come up with any ideas. You need to work on creating an organizational change and slowly bring about the transformation so that there can be a greater focus on human-focussed leadership, thereby, encouraging change and motivation.

Over to you:

In order to apply your entrepreneurial spirit into creating something innovative, there is absolutely no need to leave your organization and own a start-up. You can very well bring about the transformation within your current organization and watch it scale amazing heights.

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