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“The problem of quality management is not what people don’t know about it. The problem is what they think they do know” – correctly said by Philip Crosby. In the present scenario, many organizations badly underestimate “QUALITY MANAGEMENT” and it has never mattered to anybody when it comes to business effectiveness. A company without quality will be an absolute failure.

Quality Management is all about the art and science of delivering (on-time) quality products and services to satisfy customer needs, which eventually has a direct impact on profit growth in a significant way. No matter whether a company is selling a product or a service, a strong commitment to quality standards is pre-requisite to strive-and-thrive the competition and make any business grow in today’s times of disruption. To succeed, maintaining good quality standards is the primary step for every business to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Here’re some effective Quality Management trends to watch out to boost corporate growth and efficiency without losing on customer loyalty:

  1. To succeed in today’s disruptive marketplace, an organization must be serious about quality standards and willing to embrace continuous improvement for better performance excellence. This will result in higher levels of productivity and a boost in customer growth which eventually leads to maximum sales, followed by greater profits. One must be very careful about quality initiatives like include operations, customer service and production.
  2. Many businesses sadly don’t know that poor workforce preparedness and using outdated business processes are the most horrible enemies hindering the path of organizational growth. Such ongoing negative quality issues are not just hurting their competitiveness in the marketplace, but these issues are also badly creating a dramatic loss on their revenue. It would be a wise decision to invest in training of the workforce and become agile towards the outdated process. Businesses must focus on training their employees at all levels which will help to get rid of quality-related issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Read Also: Scope and Future of Data Analytics in India
  3. There should be a spirit of effective collaboration and open communication must be encouraged at all levels in an organization which will surely lead to quality success. People must be open to speaking up about all the issues they have been facing or they must come forward with their suggestions on process/quality improvement.
  4. Apply the well-known “Lean Six Sigma” quality management strategy to your business. It is a highly structured approach used primarily to streamline quality control by identification of defects and elimination of variability (that are impacting quality standards) in the existing processes, products or services to achieve no variance throughout. Exponential improvement in operational performance, better customer satisfaction and elimination of inconsistency are the key benefits of applying Lean Six Sigma Green Belt approach to your business.
  5. Deploy quality circle management technique across the business operations in order to identify and address problems. Quality circles can be referred to certain groups of employees who are working together in an operation to come forward and share their views on issues related to quality and recommend improvements. These groups of people are committed to a broader goal of achieving improved quality, efficiency, and productivity.  Led by a supervisor, the quality circle aims to encourage workers to participate in formal problem-solving methods which can be a brain-storming session, Pareto analysis, or cause-and-effect diagrams to discuss problems of quality in the existing process and suggest the best possible solutions to address the pressing concerns.

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The need of the hour is to create a culture of quality rather than a mere operation process. Business, in particular, must deploy due diligence towards maintaining quality standards to achieve an exponential growth and enhance profitability across their organization.


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