Process improvement

How does Six Sigma help in Process Improvement?

An organization needs to continuously improve its business processes as they are essentially a pre-requisite to staying alive in today’s competitive market.  This article shares some deep insights on the systematic approach offered by Six Sigma towards process improvement. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is basically a measurement based management strategy which…

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six sigma certification

How does Six Sigma Certification Benefit your Career and Organisation?

Adding Six Sigma Certification to your resume is like adding another feather to your career cap which inevitably proves your commitment towards improving your analytical skills and business acumen. This certification unfolds golden opportunities in your career by improving your leadership capabilities. The Lean Six Sigma stresses eliminating errors within the business processes by focusing…

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Quality Management

Quality Management Tips to Enhance your Business Performance

“The problem of quality management is not what people don’t know about it. The problem is what they think they do know” – correctly said by Philip Crosby. In the present scenario, many organizations badly underestimate “QUALITY MANAGEMENT” and it has never mattered to anybody when it comes to business effectiveness. A company without quality…

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marketing analytics

Why Do You Need Marketing Analytics?

In simple words, marketing analytics is the optimization and measurement of all the marketing activities done by a company. Marketing analytics is an overall check of how your marketing efforts have been performing, unlike the web analytics which only focuses on the performance of your company’s website. This particular activity determines the effectiveness of business…

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Face-to-face communication

Strengthening Face-To-Face Communication in Performance Management

Many would agree that open and anonymous feedbacks are the key factors responsible for boosting the employee’s performance and productivity. It motivates him to keep contributing and improving the work quality in order to achieve the future goals. Face-to-face communication aids employee engagement and helps them connect with the other team members in a better…

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